about my work


Paintings of birds and animals set in jewel colours with gold leaf tell the story of a paradise garden. The freedom and colour of birds can be emblematic of so many human traits and conditions. We mostly live in cities where we might long for an enclosed garden in which to find an hour of sunlit peace. In a time of intense change I aim to celebrate what’s important in this world.

Building up layers of watercolour and sometimes acrylic on paper or gesso I paint with strong, warm colours. I then apply gold leaf, inscribing drawings and pattern into the gold that tells another part of the story. Rich in detail and patterning, these pieces are uplifting and illuminate a room. I’m aiming to create a modern yet timeless fragment. Medieval and Renaissance art and Indo-Persian art are a great inspiration. My paintings are rooted in ancient culture but have a contemporary feel.

The Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition have selected my work for their exhibition at Bankside Gallery for the last four years. In 2017 I was the winner of the Dry Red Press Award.


Please contact me to discuss commissions.
I am always happy to take payments by installments.

© 2020 Linda Edwards

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